The Village Idiot Show

The Village Idiot Show starring comedian Joby Saad takes audiences on a thrill ride of laughter and merriment. Stand up, magic, audience interaction is what makes this a show to remember.

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StoryTalks Radio Show

StoryTalks Radio Show is coming to your city.

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Corporate Comedy

Boost morale within your company with a comedian versed in corporate culture. Showing appreciation for the dedication of your staff by inviting top notch talent shows that you respect your company and its workers.  Banquet dinners, award presentations, Christmas party's or Company Quarterly Earning Reports, are always better with a Stand - Up Comedian. Comedy for celebrations, company milesstones or highlighting  staff achievements within the company or even personal life.

Author of the best selling motivational book "Accidents" make them happen to make it happen. Joby shares his own stories as well as lesser known accidents that turned out to be worth millions for many major corporations.

Management can make or break any company.  A private equity firm identifies those companies with improper management and acts upon them with  hostile takeovers. Not so fast, we have countered your assault with a corporate comedian. Let Joby takeover. You will have all your board members laughing. Joby has been the corporate entertainer for many fortune 500 companies such as Dell computers to  Ez-flo distribution, Medtronic, and McDonalds franchise owners of America to name a few.


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Creative specialists

Developing shows and gathering feedback for our company projects and clients. Maximizing partnerships to launch new shows and talent.  Known for The Village Idiot Show, Vidiots TV, Southern Belle Fest, Storytalks live storytelling shows, Clean Comedy Festival and more. Everybody likes comedy. In stand up comedy, a comedian gains instant feedback. He or she knows if it worked or not. WE venture to access that instant feedback pretty quickly, by listening and gauging  the reactions from audiences is our  competitive advantage. You don't need a big budget to gain in valueable insight.  Start small, go BIG.



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